Residency In Georgia
Georgia, a beautiful country located in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia, at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, possesses all the good reasons why you should relocate here.

A Little Bit Of History
In 1008 A.D. the predecessor states of Colchis and Iberia united to form a single kingdom – The Kingdom of Georgia. From the 10th century to the 13th century, it was ruled prosperously by King David IV and Queen Tamar The Great. The Mongols invaded it in the 13th century but, it managed to re-establish its position by 1340. After that, the country

went through a lot of ups and downs owing to continuous clashes against the Ottoman Empire and the Persians. The Fall Of The Constantinople, The End of Eastern Roman Empire, Russia’s collapse and lastly the collapse of the Soviet Union gave rise to the independent Georgia in 1991- the Georgia that we know today.

Present Situation
Georgia has come a long way from near failure in 2003 to a prosperous market in 2014. In fact, it was declared as the World’s Number 1 Economic Reformer by the World Bank in 2007. Today, it is an emerging free market, the Europian Union being its largest trading partner.

Climate Of Georgia
Georgia has a favourable climate with the Western region experiencing subtropical mildness and humidity and, the Eastern part experiencing moderate weather conditions. There is an even distribution of rainfall, most of which occurs during the season of Spring. In Summer, the temperatures rarely exceed 22-24°C. However, you will experience the chill if you go too high in the mountains (-10-16°C).

Due to Russian, Turkish and Iranian influence, the Georgian cuisines are widely varied. Ranging from bread and cheese to mutton, chicken, pork and beef, the Georgians enjoy every bit of every kind of food. They cook in their own special way using a variety of sauces, spices and nuts. These sauces are derived from completely natural sources like berries, tomatoes and pomegranates. The Georgians also love veggies, be those cooked, boiled, fried, stewed, marinated or even raw.

Residency In Georgia
The aforementioned factors may have influenced you to a great deal already and, you may be planning to relocate soon. But, there are a few more things that you should know about residency in the country, which has been provided below:

  • All entrepreneurs and business professionals may apply for a temporary residency from the Georgian embassy with proper documents and legal authorizations that permit stay in the country
  • If you exceed 6 years of living in Georgia, except for educational and medical reasons or other diplomatic missions, you can apply for permanent residency
  • Again, if you are a first degree relative of a Georgian citizen, you can apply for permanent residency
  • A permanent resident of more than 2 years in the country will be considered a citizen of Georgia
  • A Georgian citizen can visit any state within the Europian Union and The Schengen Area without a Visa
  • All residents of Georgia are required to pay income tax of not more than 20%

If you are interested in relocating to Georgia, Kaukapital can offer you all the necessary help and advice regarding the same. In fact, our consultants can aid in every step of the process. If you have your documents ready, connect with us to apply for temporary or permanent residency in Georgia. Let us welcome you to the country that offers a great many opportunities for growth and prosperity.