Accounting Process

“Outsourcing is a major movement. Companies realise that they do not necessarily have to provide services internally – they can get higher quality if they use specialist service organisations which can provide this service as their business focus, allowing the attention of executives to remain on their core business.” Peter Senge

A business owner primarily focus is to managing operations and creating shareholder value, they hardly have time to oversee their accounting department. In Kaukapital, Our experienced accounting professionals can handle day-to-day tasks through our back office accounting solutions in-house team. Our accounting team possessing strong accounting knowledge, same also have a vast experience across multiple industries and accounting system expertise. Using web-based accounting systems, we staff these positions offsite.

We provide our accounting services to the company; currently we are targeting two segments i.e. accounting firms and large corporate clients.

The service offered by the company to accounting firms include:-

  • Accounting and write-up services,
  • Accounts payable,
  • Accounts receivable,
  • Bank reconciliation,
  • Financial statement preparation,
  • MIS reports,
  • Payroll processing,
  • Pension administration and litigation support.

The company’s services to large corporate clients include:-

  • Full service accounts payable processing like vendor file maintenance, invoice processing, payment cheques printing and distribution, problem resolution, journal entries, bank/accounts reconciliation, specialised reporting and stop pay, reissues, cancelled cheques;
  • Year end support;
  • Specialised transaction processing like expenses report, accounts receivable invoicing, etc.;
  • High-speed printing solution for accounts payable cheques, payroll cheques, accounts receivable, invoice printing, and statutory wage reports;
  • Financial data processing for global rating agencies;
  • Reconciliation support to the financial services industry.