Consulting Services @ Estonia

The Estonian Entrepreneurship Growth Strategy 2020 has laid down the important strategy for the growth of Estonian economy. As per same, they are focusing on three main challenges in order to increase the wealth of Estonia: increasing productivity, stimulating entrepreneurship and encouraging innovation. The cornerstones of Estonian development are openness, liberal economic policy and proportional tax system with 0% tax on reinvested profits.

The Estonian economy structure is diverse same covers up industry, transport, as well as same, include the commerce and other services as well. Due to the available natural resources, Estonian economy largely relies on the branches related to the forest. The Estonian energy sector is based on oil shale same is a very rare resource available elsewhere in the world. It’s GDP getting contribution from 71% from service sectors, 25% from industrial sectors & 4% from the agricultural sector. The European Commission has expected Estonia’s 2017 economic growth to 2.2 percent. Although private consumption growth remained strong fro same credit goes to rapid and sustained wage growth. Estonia is among the leading countries in the Eastern and Central Europe regarding foreign direct investments per capita. Till January 1, 2016, Estonia has attracted in total 17.4 billion euro worth of investments. Out of total pie, 25% of all investments have been made by Swedish companies, 23% by Finnish companies, 10% by Dutch companies and 4% by Norwegian companies.

As offshore investors are planning to invest in Estonia, there will be need of the financial expert. Kaukapital is the well-known name in consultancy world in Estonian region.

Kaukapital is a leading financial advisor same is providing it’s focused advisory services to individuals, companies, and small medium entrepreneurs. They have more than 10 years of experience in finance domain. They provide their services in a company set up, bank account opening, investment opportunity, and extend help in immigration. They also help the company in setting up such Banks, Forex Brokerage firm, etc. They also well knew for offering their value addition services to a financial company such as banks and other NBFC.

Kaukapital also offers de-localization, so they can help in re-localize of any company which includes the manufacturing setup. They also extend their services to off-shore banks in opening the branch in Georgia. Their other value addition services include immigration (visa and residency) not only limited to Georgia territory but also covers the Estonia and UAE. They other services include investment opportunity in different domains such as agro, real estate, tourism, energy etc. They also offer their back end services which include accounting and taxation matters to the SME & middle segment companies.

They ensure their customers are getting the best guidance from the professional and smartest people in the industry. For businesses and individuals needs, you can rely on Kaukapital to deliver.