Casino License

In Georgia, gambling is a very well-matured industry and same is a significant contributor towards state budget revenues. The main characteristic of the gambling business is that it allows people to make money based on luck and randomness. For some, gambling is an opportunity to win money, while for others same help in pastime and relaxing by visiting casinos and slot clubs. The main peculiar thing of the gambling business is that it allows people win extra bucks and this opportunity is based on randomness. There are many different kinds of games but the most popular types are (1) casinos; (2) slot clubs; (3) tote betting clubs and (4) lotteries. The casino business is the significant contributor to increasing Georgia traveling business.

Since Georgia is trying to create a prosperous economy, opening a casino in Georgia is one step ahead to reach to same. With the leniency towards gambling through casinos, Georgia is hoping to usher in a new world of prosperity. Same has also become a fruitful business as one can expect the good ROI out of the same.

The casino is the most popular form of gambling. Same is a special type of facility where people bet on money while playing roulette, cards or other means. The next most widespread type of gambling is gambling salon, so-called slot clubs. Almost every casino has such machines. These machines are the electronic, mechanical or another type of technical appliance, which is programmed to determine winnings or loss.


Open a Casino in Georgia:

There are various locations available out of the same owner can select the location of his choice to start Casino business. The annual fees for the casino with exception are 5,000,000 GEL but same varies with location to location selected by the companies. Here some of the locations names are as under:

  • Batumi; Kobuleti; Borjomi; Bazaleti Lake; Gurjaani district, village Katchreti ;
  • Some regions are totally exempted from annual fees which involve Gudauri, Khazbegi, Bakuriani, Sighnagi and Tskaltubo;
  • Some régions are exempted on a condition of making hotels within casinos like Batumi, Kobuleti, Khelvachauri.


Getting a Casino Licence:

Now days corporate are looking for a consultant who can make them understand the process of opening a casino in Georgia. Corporate can ask Kaukapital to help them for opening a casino. Now next question comes how to operate casino to answer this query, one must get the casino license first which one can get very easily reason being gambling is a legal in Georgia. The service revenue  is giving permits to organize casino easily. This permit has a time limit; same is valid for 5 years. Once permit gets expire, the owner always applies for an extension of same. Companies those are having valid permits are allowed to run the business.

The process for obtaining the casino permit is described as follows:

  • The applicant must submit required documents in order to get the permit. The necessary documents needed for the permit in case of organizing a casino are:
  1. Listing of gaming tables including name, product ID, year and country of production;
  2. Smallest and largest bid, rules of operation, conduct and gaming at a casino;
  3. Samples of gaming coin at a casino.
  • In case the applicant is organizing a casino by an electric system, the things that the gaming system must contain are:
  1. Name and address of the location where the casino is located and will be managed and organized;
  2. Rules and description of games and places where earnings will be provided.
  • Rules of registering a player, deposit/ balance management rule, names of organizer, permit numbers etc.;


  • Information about the prohibition of members under 18 which is a rule in Georgia.


Register a Casino:

The process to get register a casino goes on the same line like getting a license for a casino since both involve service revenue’s permit. The service revenue that is an organization that gives and manages records of permits to the companies who open and register the casinos in Georgia. The registration of casinos involves the proper and a formal process. The process that includes that owner is supposed to supply all the documents to the service revenue and once the revenue satisfies with documents so issue a permit. All the permits have been managed according to the Law of Georgia on License and Permit fees.


Casino Fees:

For each Casino Table – 15 000 – 30 000 GEL (not subjected to quarterly fees)

            Tbilisi – 30000 GEL

            Batumi – 18 000 GEL