Bookmaker License

Online gambling in Georgia is totally legal currently. Back in 2010, it was running in a different way basically same was running at clubs. These clubs across the country connected along with the internet, an individual could connect at any given point of time and play the online local or foreign-based games. Most of the Georgian population used to play at online casinos via these clubs. Since 2017 as technology has improved, more and more peoples are accessing online gambling establishments from their homes or even one can play those games with the help of smartphones. As technology has improved more and more visitors are growing day by day. That is the reason this industry plays a major role in the country’s touristic strategy. Georgia is known for key gambling spot in the region, as many of the surrounding countries face complete bans on the gambling industry.

Gambling is a well-developed industry in Georgia. Same is a significant contributor to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).The revenue comes from the following segments i.e. lotto, totalizator, bingo etc. and last but not least from the gaming machines salon. The procedure of obtaining the permissions of different gambling businesses starts with applying for the permits. The applicant is supposed to submit scanned documents to the website of revenue service department. The applicant is required to follow different rules and regulations as laid down by the local regulator to get the permission. The documents demanded by the authority include the product ID, production year, minimum and maximum bids, a list of winnings etc. Before issuing the permit revenue authority expect from the applicants whosoever has been given the permit run the show fairly. Sports betting in Georgia are thriving because of the relaxed gambling laws. The biggest sports betters to Georgia are Europe bet, Adzharabet, and the Armenian VivaroBet.

According to the research done on gambling businesses of Georgia, the most popular bookmakers are:

  • Bet365 (14.2% betters)
  • 10Bet (7.9%)

The other most rated bookmaker is Parimatch (5.0 out of 5)


Bookmaker License in Georgia:

Bookmaker organizations being the online sports activity, same have become very popular in Georgia. Same is a prospering gambling business. The applicants can get the permit after submitting the following scanned documents to the revenue department:

  • Rules and description of sports that need to be mentioned online;
  • Name and location of place of where the members are doing bookmaking;
  • Name and identity of players;
  • List of winnings.

Bookmaker License Charges:

In getting the bookmaker license for running the gambling business charges play an important role. The applicant needs to bear the charges same includes:

  • Annual state fees: 30,000 –  300,000 GEL
  • Quarter fees: Land Based – Free
  • Land based Taxation:
  • Personal income tax (salaries) – 20%;
  • Property tax – up to 1%.