Investment Funds

Financial planning is not a product or a one-time event process same is a lifelong continue process. Same is also an organised, well planned system of developing plans for your financial resources which helps an individual to achieve both short and long term goals. An investment fund is a way of getting broader opportunities as well as greater management expertise and lower investment fees which are very helpful for an investor.

Nowadays, the investment management business is highly competitive, with the point of differentiation including investment performance. Same offers the range of products, brand recognition, business reputation, financial strength, the depth and continuity of relationships, quality of service and the level of fees charged for services. Same also compete with a large number of investment management firms, commercial banks, investment banks, broker-dealers, hedge funds, insurance companies and other financial institutions.

So, governments and private sectors offer many types of investment funds which include mutual funds, money market funds, hedge funds and exchange-traded funds. The quality and diversity of investment capabilities, product types, and channels of distribution enable the management companies to compete effectively in the investment management business.

There are registration and document formalities which companies are supposed to follow. For same Kaukapital professional team extend its support to the companies to get registered.


Funds Registration:-

Registration of the fund houses in Georgia covers up under-mentioned steps;

  • Fully accomplished registration and post-registration of Non- Undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (non-UCITS) and UCITS funds in foreign authorities;
  • Central point of connection and link between client and native regulatory establishments in target marketplaces, and with third party facility benefactors;
  • Coordination of brochure changes;
  • Advisory on agreement with regulatory reporting compulsions;
  • Subcontracting of arithmetic supervisory reporting;
  • Ad-hoc support in hiring a local representative.


Documents Required

Documents required to reveal by the company you are as under:

  • Criminal record in the last 10 years for all the members of the board is required;
  • Data about the applicant’s and other members’ identity, who directly or indirectly own an important share (10% or more), papers must be authenticated and apostilled;
  • Preceding year or preceding half year financial reports or the current balance;
  • Payment proof of the license is required;
  • Time to get the license is 30 days after submitted all the documents and application.