Corporate Accounts      

Joint Stock Company (JSC) Banks provides a range of banking products and services to corporate customers in Georgia. Their corporate account services include Corporate Banking, Investment Management, and Other segments. The corporate banking service consists of credit products, operation products, deposits, cards, and other services. Same also takes-care asset & wealth management service which include private banking services. They also provide their services in treasury operations; and custody and securities settlement domain.

Banks also provide online services as well. The remote banking system involves internet banking, mobile banking, SMS banking, online payment, standing order and direct debit. Once the accounts are open, they can be checked, processed and operated accordingly from the websites of banks or through SMS services.

Though there are standard procedures followed by the bank in Georgia. Still, each bank has drafted its own rules and regulations related to the transactions. The corporate bank accounts for a company can deal with forex, affiliation as well as other business activities of the company. A corporate account is also equipped for the commercial transaction same include bank transfers and debit and credit transactions internationally. In crux open corporate accounts in Georgia is a very simple task at the same time helpful for the companies those are registered in the Georgia.

As per customer need banks provide different services and for same, there are different kinds of fees as well as the structure of the same:

  • Commission fee- for setting up the bank account;
  • Ongoing administration fee- charged per month or year;
  • Commission fee for deposits or withdrawals;
  • Commission fee for closing the account.


Procedure-Open A Bank Account in Georgia: –

It is very simple to open a corporate bank account in Georgia. Different banks have different documents requirements for submission. Generally required list of documents are as follows:

  • Copy of passports or Identity (ID) cards of directors and shareholders;
  • Copy of Memorandum & Article of Association;
  • Copy of Certificate of incorporation issued by Georgian Trade Register;
  • Specimen signatures of directors;
  • Certificate of good standing in market;
  • Trade register extract;
  • Bank forms.

These are the few more paperwork a corporate needs to follow for opening a bank account in Georgia. For opening a branch by the foreign company there is a requirement of certified copy same state that the branch is registered in the country. The applicant must also send the proof of his/ her trade or business activities or the personal identification documents.


Open a Bank Account Remotely: –

The bank’s accounts can also be opened in Georgia remotely if you are not present physically with the help of local lawyer those will take care everything on your behalf.