Financial companies

We offer financial company set up such bank, asset management, funds, brokerage, forex, paiement service provider, etc…

Brokerage License

We facilitate the procurement of a brokerage license for you to deal in stocks, bonds, forex, assets, securities and other services.

Bank accounts

We are offering assistance for personal account and corporate account, even for offshore companies


We are offering investments opportunities in profitable domains such as energy, real estate, agrobusiness, tourism or financial.

Company set up

We offer company set up for any kind of businesses.

Free zones

Georgia has 3 free zones where any tax apply, the free zones are in 3 strategic regions: Kutaisi, Tbilisi and Poti.


Georgia has a strong culture in gambling and we offer assitance to etablish a gambling business.


If you have already a profitable business and are looking to a good location between europe, middle east and asia, and enjoying all avantages of Georgia such as high educated and cheap labor without employer s tax, Georgia is for you.

Other juridictions

We also offer different package including a bank account in Georgia with such juridictions: hong kong, USA, Estonia.


We offer you with all kinds of assistance in relocating to Georgia on a temporary or permanent basis.

Insurance company

There is two different insurance license in Georgia, insurance for non life and insurance life.