Factors That Make Investments In Georgia Worth The Hype

August 21, 2019

Georgia is a country that is placed at the intersection of Asia and Europe, allowing it to be one of the most widely chosen places for investments. A former Soviet republic, the country is based on an open market economy where foreigners are always welcomed with open arms. The World Bank’s Doing Business Survey, out […]

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Things to Know Before You Set Up a Company in Georgia

August 16, 2019

Being an entrepreneur, one of the first things that come in mind is the perfect place to start a business. Especially when you are thinking of an offshore company, it becomes all the more difficult to find a country that provides all the facilities you are looking for. The best country should have the required […]

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Virtual Zone in Georgia – The IT Business Paradise

August 14, 2019

Georgia, standing in 2019, has become one of the most sought after countries in the World as a favorable business destination. The country provides a business-friendly environment, the flexibility needed to manage a company, and the provision to earn profits from it. The near absence of red tape in the capitalist economy of Georgia, teamed up […]

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Make the Virtual zone in Georgia as Your Money-spinner

July 22, 2019

Georgia has become a premier place for setting up a company because of the plethora of advantages it provides. Always one step ahead in the game, Georgia has also been named the number one World Economic Reformer in 2007 by the World Bank (Source. World Bank). Successive governments have passed laws which have made Georgia […]

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Pros of Setting up IT Cos in the Virtual Zones in Georgia

July 15, 2019

An opportune land for enterprising businesses, Georgia can be the ideal tax retreat. The country saw Foreign Direct Investments of around 322.6 million in the third quarter of 2018 (Source: Agenda.ge,) making it one of the most favoured business destinations in the world even for the Fortune 500 companies. The land and it’s business environment […]

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Top 6 Sectors For Investments In Georgia

July 8, 2019

Investors are always on the lookout for opportunities that can help them earn profits in the long run. Georgia, in recent times, has emerged one of the top favorite destinations for such investors. The percentage of Foreign Direct Investments in Georgia has risen up to 275.8 USD as on March 2019 (Source: CEIC data). There […]

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Why Should You Set Up A Company In A Free Zone In Georgia?

June 20, 2019

Georgia has become a business friendly destination over a period of time due to a slew of factors. These include a strategic location, a near absence of red tape, robust infrastructure, favorable trade treaties with important trade blocs, and a skilled yet low cost workforce among others. Another feature in the cap of Georgia is […]

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Top Benefits Of Operating In A Virtual Zone In Georgia

June 17, 2019

Georgia, over the years, has become an investment friendly destination thanks to a plethora of benefits it offers. These include a strategic location, low-cost skilled labour at the reach of a hand, a productive infrastructure, vibrant institutions, and a low tax regime among others. In fact, the open market economy pursued by Georgia has helped […]

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Why Is Now A Good Time For Investment In Georgia?

June 14, 2019

Over the years, Georgia has established itself as an investment friendly destination. This is largely borne out of the favourable reports from credible agencies like the World Bank. For example, the World Bank’s Doing Business Survey, as on 2019 rated Georgia as the 6th friendliest country to do business out of 190 others (Source: Doing […]

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