KauKapital manifests the greatest value of your finances. Starting our journey two decades back we have gradually made our mark by the dint of competency and hard work. Decades of experience driven knowledge and impeccable service have reinforced our presence in the domain of Finance. We cater to numerous financial sectors like, Banking, Brokerage, Investment fund, Asset management company, Forex company, Micro Financial Organisation, Emoney, PSP and PSO, Insurance non life, Insurance life, Personal Account, Corporate Account, Corporate account for offshore companies, Casino license, Bookmaker License and many more. Our services not only provide to the collective but also to the individual as well with equal zeal.

Through its resilient persona and great business acumen, the country Georgia, is slowly but surely gaining prominence in the world map. As the country’s economy has shown incredible amount of fortitude through its rough socio-

political climate, we have been able to sail along by riding the waves carefully and diligently. The Georgian economy is said to be the fastest growing in the region of Eastern Europe. Among other areas, the rise of its financial services is specially owed to the country’s helpful policies for ease of business, availability of a large number of skilled professionals, strong technologies and growth of small scale businesses. While easy and quick business processes have led to conducive trading conditions, taxation is an area that has become the icing on the cake ! Tax policies were formulated towards businesses to grow rapidly, reduce unemployment and feed the economy substantially. In Georgia there is no  corporate tax if you reinvest, however, 20% tax is levied if the profit is withdrawn. The designated Free Industrial Zones offer no tax on corporate income, import, properties and even no VAT. Income outside Georgian borders are never taxed. Relief from customs duties or VAT on importing raw materials for export can be had just with the help of an Internal Processing Customs Regime license. With all these it won’t be a misnomer to call Georgia an emerging tax haven !

Our financial services specially in advisory roles, businesses facilitation or in licensing has experienced exponential growth with pure client satisfaction. As per the Site Selection’s annual ranking, Georgia has the finest of climate for business-ease and has a wholesome marketplace for financial services and insurance companies. The financial advisory services of KauKapital are extended equally to companies, individuals and small to medium enterprises. With the pro business environment of Georgia, our Business Set up services are growing in leaps and bounds. One need to have a minimum capital, provide a reasonable registration fee with necessary proofs and quick procedures will follow. One can also open their business through Power of Attorney, without having to come to Georgia. As the Georgian economy is burgeoning, banking is a great business option here. Obtaining bank license to operate financial assets is much easier through our services. We operate through the Joint Stock Company to get the banking license from the National Bank of Georgia.