Why Should You Set Up A Company In A Free Zone In Georgia?

June 20, 2019

Georgia has become a business friendly destination over a period of time due to a slew of factors. These include a strategic location, a near absence of red tape, robust infrastructure, favorable trade treaties with important trade blocs, and a skilled yet low cost workforce among others. Another feature in the cap of Georgia is […]

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Free Zones In Georgia: How Can They Help Your Business

April 11, 2019

Being an economic hub in a strategic location, Georgia is becoming a highly productive country for trade, industry and commerce in recent times. Starting with the geographical virtues, the country is placed between two actively trading continents; Europe and Asia. It forms a gateway between the two and gains from this strategic confluence in terms […]

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How Can The Free Zone In Georgia Help Your Business

March 13, 2019

Businesses the world over are scouting for locations from where they can run their operations without any hassle. High taxes serve as a big disincentive that can eat into the profits of enterprises. In a competitive business environment, any reduction in the profit margin can render a company and its products or services unviable. This […]

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Free Zones In Georgia: Things You Should Know?

December 7, 2018

While thinking of setting up a business in Georgia, one might want to get a considerable number of compelling benefits that the country would provide. Whether it is infrastructure or the laws related to business, the overall environment should be business-friendly and that is when one needs to know about the free zones. These special […]

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How The Free Zones in Georgia Can Benefit Businesses

May 14, 2018

The competitive nature of business the world over has made governments offer incentives or sops to attract investments. These come in the form of low tax rates (even the absence of them,) no red tape for setting up a business, drafting pro-business policies, creating favorable trade treaties, or making the visa procedures simpler among many […]

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How Free Zones In Georgia Can Help In Promoting Investments

November 8, 2017

Georgia has made steady inroads as a suitable investment destination into the minds of investors from across the world. This has been made possible due to a slew of factors such as a favourable economic environment, better infrastructure, a low tax rate, low cost of manpower, and a steady focus towards liberalizing the economy. The […]

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Take Advantage of the Free Zone in Georgia For Your Business

August 29, 2017

To choose a place as a favourite business destination investors should get a few takeaways. These can range from the availability of raw materials at competitive prices, a large market to sell the products or offer services, easy foreign exchange regulations, favourable government initiatives, a free market economy where crony capitalism is frowned upon, strong […]

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