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Investors are always on the lookout for opportunities that can help them earn profits in the long run. Georgia, in recent times, has emerged one of the top favorite destinations for such investors. The percentage of Foreign Direct Investments in Georgia has risen up to 275.8 USD as on March 2019 (Source: CEIC data). There are many reasons why Georgia could make it the list of top investment destinations in such a short span of time.

Why is Georgia the best place for investments in Georgia?

  1. Boasts of a robust infrastructure such as power, ports, airports, roads etc., that can benefit a lot of businesses.
  2. There is an absence of red tape in the open market economy of Georgia.
  3. Successive governments have passed bills and enabling legislationthat added teeth to the overall investment climate.
  4. Companies operating in Georgia are exempted from several taxes, which otherwise are applicable in different countries.
  5. Offers special zones called the “virtual zones” and “free zones” that provide unique benefits to the companies set up there.
  6. A vast reservoir of skilled workforce adds to the list of reasons why must you look at making investments in Georgia.

What are the sectors you must invest in Georgia? 

Georgia is a mineral rich country that produces manganese and copper. Moreover, its strategic location ensures the country becomes a regional trade hub. Some sectors that call for investments in Georgia are:

  • Agro and Food: Georgia is a country that boasts of 22 microclimates and a long harvesting season, thereby making it a profitable land for agriculture. Cold chains and storage for agriculture produce can be a few profitable ventures for making investments in Georgia.
  • Energy: The base of all activities relies on energy. Georgia and all the countries near it are responsible for the rising consumption of electricity. Having said so, there is still a need for more distributing stations and power plants. Thus, investing in the energy sector can be profitable.
  • BPO: Georgia is hometo many talented people looking for jobs. Investing in the Business Process Outsourcing sector can not only provide jobs to the local populace but get the investor a rich reservoir of talent at low costs. The best part is that Georgia has no minimum wage limit prescribed in its labour laws.
  • Logistics: Trading becomes an excellent option for investments in Georgia because of the strategic location of the country. Also, Georgia has signed various trade treaties with important blocs like the EU making its exports exempted from paying taxes such as VAT and customs duties.
  • Manufacturer: Georgia offers a lot of benefits to businesses that are set up in its territory. By virtue of having rich mineral deposits and a robust infrastructure, the country can be an ideal destination for the manufacturing industry.
  • Tourism: Georgia boasts of 12000 monuments that attract a large number of international tourists. Four of these monuments have made it to the World Heritage List.Apart from the monuments, there are scores of attractions that make Georgia a favourite with the tourists. No wonder, the tourism sector can be a favourite one for investment.

Conclusion:Investments in Georgia not only offer excellent returns in the long run but also come with a slew of benefits. Should you want to know about the sectors to invest in Georgia, you can contact Kaukapital, the premier consultancy.

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