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Over the years, Georgia has established itself as an investment friendly destination. This is largely borne out of the favourable reports from credible agencies like the World Bank. For example, the World Bank’s Doing Business Survey, as on 2019 rated Georgia as the 6th friendliest country to do business out of 190 others (Source: Doing Business Website). This is a direct result of various reforms carried out by successive Georgian governments in creating a business friendly environment. No wonder, the country is seeing an influx of foreign direct investment, stable GDP growth and less inflation. With a strategic location and market friendly policies, investment in Georgia at this time can be a great option for a profitable return in future.

Different sectors in Georgia you can invest in?

A place like Georgia offers plenty of investment opportunities. A few sectors which can give you the highest rate of return are:

  • Agriculture: The presence of 22 micro climates in Georgia offer a long harvesting season. In this scenario, what can be better to earn profits than by investing in a cultivable land? If you are confused about the type of crop to cultivate, the varied climates provide a long list of them to choose from. For example, a crop native to the zone is always a great option to choose due to its high local demand.

  • Energy: Georgia has been on the rise in recent times and many people have started to frequent it for different reasons. This has led to a high rate of energy consumption. Investing in the energy sector, thus, becomes a very profitable and sustainable source of attaining returns. Having said that, you are even allowed to source your resources from outside the region for better profits.

  • Labour: If you are thinking about making an investment in Georgia, you can be assured of an abundant supply of skilled labour. Given the fact that Georgia has a high literacy rate, you can cut down on your labour costs without compromising on the quality of work. As and when you set up a an enterprise in Georgia, you can hire local people at relatively lower costs. This will give you the expertise that is unmatched locally. The country also doesn’t have any minimum wage regulation, so you can be sure that you will not accrue any loss. This way, you can make the best out of your investment.

  • Tourism: In the coming 5 years, Georgia is expecting a rise in its international tourist count by 8-10% (Source: Colliers International Georgia, Hospitality and Real Estate Sector Research 2015). This means the number of visitors will exceed the population of Georgia itself. Safe to say, this is one of the best times to invest in the real estate and hospitality sectors. Developing a resort or hotel for the tourists that provides better amenities at a cheaper rate can be profitable. You can also go for theme based places designed especially for tourists who visit keeping a specific reason in mind. This will help to make your lodging a much talked about place, attracting more people in the process.

Conclusion: The favourable business environment in Georgia backed by robust economic policies helps to further the climate of investment in Georgia. Should you want to know more about the business opportunities that exist in Georgia, visit

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