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Situated at the cusp of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia is a country that boasts of a rich tapestry of history and culture. If you want to relocate to a place for the purpose of obtaining residency then Georgia should be your top choice. The reasons are aplenty to show why a large number of people are embracing Georgia to be their new homeland. Besides, there are also various perks that may entice people into choosing the country at one go. For example, by staying in Georgia, you can visit any country that is part of the European Union without a visa! Also, a flat 20% income tax is definitely a positive factor that can draw you to this Eurasian land. And after you have spent some years in the country, you will be able to apply for permanent residency whereupon you will have to deal with minimum paperwork. Are you not convinced yet? Then continue reading below to find out as to why residency in Georgia is a welcome opportunity.

1. Nature and climate- Georgia has a sub tropical climate comprising summers, pleasant spring and mild winters. The summers are steamy but temperatures range between 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall and thunderstorms occur mostly during the spring and in the month of April. The Caucasian country takes pride in its varied natural features. For example, while the north side features magnificent mountains, the south is distinguished by canyons and forests. With the Black Sea on the west coast, Georgia offers spectacular views of pristine beaches.

2. Promising business opportunities- In recent times, Georgia has emerged to be one of the most favourable investment destinations. The pro-business approach of successive governments has resulted in the signing of trade treaties with important economic blocs like the EU. These treaties have significantly reduced the customs duties for goods and services exported from the country. The absence of red tapism has further reduced the perils of corruption. Should you desire to become a Georgian citizen and take your business to success, then proceed to make an investment in Georgia.

3. Impressive culinary culture- The culinary culture of this land is varied and appealing to the palate. The Turkish and Iranian influences are very much evident in Georgia’s cuisine as you get all types of meats, cheese and sauces. Condiments and nuts are the essential parts of the Georgians’ daily diet. On top of that, the country is famous for its exquisite wines. The brandy-like liquor named Chacha is world-famous and a favourite among the citizens and tourists.

4. Rich cultural heritage- Despite being under the hegemony of dominant states for many years, the people of Georgia have held onto their tradition and culture steadfastly. However, the country has been liberal enough to incorporate positive foreign influences in their culture as well. For example, the painting and architecture show clear influences of Persia and Russia. The country also offers a vast expanse of literature that ranges from the ancient Christian chronicles to modern novels. If you are an admirer of rich culture, choose Georgia for the land has so much to offer.


Georgia is known for its pleasant climate, gastronomical culture and rich socio-cultural heritage. The write-up has brought before you the top four reasons why you should give residency in Georgia a serious thought.

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