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Situated in the Caucasian region of Eurasia, Georgia is a gateway to the continents of Asia and Europe. Its physical proximity to countries like Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia and to the trading bloc of European Union, has pitched it to the big league of being one of the favourite business destinations. Moreover, it also helped matters as the country had a healthy GDP of $14.5 billion in the year 2016 in addition to being ranked 16th by the World Bank on the index of ease of doing business and 13th by the Heritage Foundation on the index of Economic Freedom in 2017.

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Free market economy
The country has been following a free market economy with several enabling legislations helping it to remove red tape and turn it into a tax haven. Exporting goods and services from Georgia has become beneficial given the many bilateral investment treaties the country has signed with about 32 countries. Moreover, Georgia’s strategic location on China’s proposed ‘One Belt One Road’ project connecting the two continents would place it in an advantageous position vis-a-vis others in the region.

Tax haven
The country has gained a reputation for being a tax haven. No matter which nationality you belong to, should you invest in the country especially in the three free zones of Kutaisi, Tbilisi, and Poti, you can avail a slew of benefits such as

  • Tax incentives
  • Simplified incorporation procedure without any need for licenses and permits
  • Export benefits
  • Free exchange of currency
  • Autonomy from local bodies
  • Good infrastructure facilitating production and transport of goods

Interested to invest?
Undoubtedly, the country is best suited for investments in a number of sectors such as manufacturing, retail, banking, insurance, agribusiness, tourism, logistics, power, energy, and services among others. However, it would suit you better if you engage investment consulting firms like Kaukapital. The consultants at Kaukapital have the requisite experience and expertise to not only help you in setting up a company but provide a host of services later on as well including legal ones.

How can Kaukapital help you?
With over ten years of experience in consulting, Kaukapital is a name to reckon with in the region and can help you to setup a company in any domain, namely finance, banking, insurance etc apart from helping you to gain licenses of any kind. We can help you to open an offshore bank account as well – the only consultancy to do so. Besides, getting a residency permit in Georgia, though a simple affair, can be even more seamless should you engage our consultants. Our slew of investment consulting services apart from the ones mentioned above includes

  • Opening of personal or corporate bank accounts
  • Help in the setting up of casinos through registration, licensing, and other services
  • Help in obtaining a license for online gambling
  • Help in obtaining a virtual zone status for IT/ITES companies
  • Help in immigration to jurisdictions like Estonia
  • Help to setup business in UAE

Invest in Georgia to take advantage of its business friendly policies and liberalized trade and tax regime. However, engaging one of the prominent investment consulting firms like Kaukapital would work in your favour.

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