Financial companies

we are offering financial companies set up such as bank, forex, emoney, brokerage, asset management…

Bank Accounts

We are offering the assistance for opening personal bank account and corporate bank account for any offshore companies


Georgia has wonderful opportunities of investments in a large variety of domains such: energy, tourism, agrobusiness, real estate, etc…

What we Offer

We provide expert financial advice. With over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure you’re getting the best guidance from the smartest people in the industry. For businesses and individuals, you can rely on Kaukapital to deliver.
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About Us

We have over 10 years of experience providing consulting for both businesses and individuals. we are specialized in financial companies set up, we can provide us assistance for banking license, brokerage license or any other financial license. we also offer investments in different domains.

Frequently Asked Questions

what is the tax rate in Georgia?

the tax rate in Georgia is 15% on incomes and 5% on dividends.

also there are some free zones in Georgia where no tax apply

can we set up company remotely?

Yes, you can set up any company remotely by a power of attorney

can we open bank account remotely?

yes, we can open bank account remotely by a power of attorney. if you need debit card and ebanking access you will have to go to the bank to pick up for most of the banks, if you do not wanna move to Georgia for e banking and debit cards we also offer services of nominees.

Who can be director or shareholder?

There is no nationality restriction for director or shareholder, but for bank account some restrictions can apply for iranians for example, for them we offer services of nominees.

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We have over 10 years experience providing consulting.


A young, enthusiastic team of advisers are always here to help.


Our legal specialists ensure you get the best services


For expert financial advice you can trust Broker

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